Dispelling The Myth: MacKeeper Virus

You most likely have heard many things about MacKeeper both good and bad on the internet. One rumor that continues floating around is the one about the MacKeeper Virus, which couldn’t be further from the truth. MacKeeper is a utility designed to prevent your Mac from getting viruses. The controversial side of the topic is that there are many negative reviews and false information about “pop-up” ads, trouble with uninstalling the program, and sluggish performance. In defense, this program is quite the opposite of the negative rumors and users report how much they like it. Let’s take a look at MacKeeper’s positive attributes.

What Is MacKeeper?

mackeeper features

MacKeeper will give you 24/7 live access to a support team that are Apple certified technicians. A System Status function that constantly monitors how your computer is doing.
Cleaning utilities that will remove anything in your computer you don’t need that slows it down. It can completely uninstall any apps you don’t want without leaving a trace of them behind. MacKeeper gets rid of extra files with the Duplicate Finder to give you the most space on your hard drive. It checks the Login Items and only loads the ones you tell it to on start up making boot-up time as short as possible. The Update Tracker will keep all your applications current for you. There is a Data Encryptor and a Shredder to keep your private information from getting into the wrong hands. Most important, the security functions give you Virus Protection, Safe Browsing, and keeps malware out!
MacKeeper is designed to protect you from viruses, not give you any.

MacKeeper Virus Myths: True or False


mac virus - no 1


[1] I heard MacKeeper places ads on my computer, even after I paid for it. False

MacKeeper is specifically designed to remove adware and does not install ads on your computer.

[2] Someone told me that it is really hard to get MacKeeper out of my computer. False

Uninstall Mackeeper in Few Clicks: Video Tutorial

[3] Is it true that Mackeeper slows down your Mac?No.

MacKeeper is designed to speed up your Mac and improve your computers performance. Listen to what the experts have to say:

Leander Kahney, Cult of Mac

“None of the professional reviewers complain of slowed-down machines or deleted data.”

The MacKeeper Virus Is A Myth

Is mackeeper safeApparently a few years ago, there was a lot of serious competition between the makers of Mac cleaners. Mac users didn’t know who to believe. Here are some reasons that MacKeeper is NOT a virus:

  • There were a few “knock-off” programs that ran a smear campaign against MacKeeper with negative ads against the program.
  • There are no “pop-up” ads in the paid version and MacKeeper helps to prevent them from invading your computer.
  • A “rogue” company tried to clone MacKeeper and it did behave like a virus.
  • MacKeeper is very easy to uninstall
  • Most of the people claiming MacKeeper is a virus, have never tried the program
  • The program cleans your computer, rather than infect it
  • Blocks malicious websites that pass on viruses
  • Keeps phisher’s out to protect your information, not compromise it
  • Viruses corrupt your information, MacKeeper encrypts your info to keep it safe
  • MacKeeper has received many positive reviews from faithful users

MacKeeper has over 15,000,000 downloads and only a 3 percent refund rate.
People using MacKeeper are very satisfied with the utility.
Top online magazines such as; Tucows, Softonic, and Brothersoft have awarded the program over 100 Gold Star awards.

Learn more about MacKeeper Here

Other Top Mac magazines give it very positive expert ratings:

Macworld magazine calls it a gem

“MacKeeper offers a compelling set of tools at a very reasonable price”

Here are what Mac users are saying:

“I’ve had MacKeeper on my iMac and my MacBook Air (and before that my white MacBook) for over 3 years and I’ve found it to be brilliant. I have never understood the negative comments about it. It has never caused anything amiss to happen to my computers, in fact all the features have helped me to maintain them in a user-friendly way.” –H.B.

“I have used MacKeeper for 8 years with no problem.”- P

“I have Mac Keeper on my Mac and I love it.” U.L.

“Good piece of software! I don’t know why there is this software gets such a bad rap.” C.L.

“It’s a no brainer. I love the update feature as it checks all of your applications and tells you what needs updating. Moreover they have really integrated the update button process on the right side, very quick and simple.” P57

“I made the right choice by purchasing MacKeeper!” WWA

“MacKeeper does a whole lot and quite easily. It’d be worth it for cleanups alone, but add in scheduled backups, data encryption, files recovery (which helps recover accidentally deleted files), Smart Uninstaller and more, and you’ve got a heck of a nice application.” DC

The MacKeeper Virus Myth Put To Rest

Many people were thrown off when other developers attempted to clone MacKeeper and started the MacKeeper Virus rumors. The actual MacKeeper utility is safe and easy to use and will keep your computer clean and running at its best performance!

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