Make Your Mac Work For You: The MacKeeper Download

Optimization of Mac (MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac) is a great way to keep your OS system running smoothly. MacKeeper is a program to help clean and optimize your Mac and is the winner of over 100 Gold Star Awards from top tech online magazines; Tucows, Softonic, and Brothersoft. If you are asking yourself the question, “Do I really need the MacKeeper download?” This article will help you understand what benefits it can give you.

How Does MacKeeper Download Work?

mackeeper features

MacKeeper works to keep your OSX system running smooth by giving you a personal computer assistant right at your fingertips. It offers both human support and programs in a package suite that starts working as soon as you install it.

Here is a list of some of the unique functions:

mackeeper safe

Personal support with “Geek on Demand.” A team of specialists are standing by to help you with any issues. They can remotely check your system and help you resolve problems. The good news is they can help from anywhere in the world!

Unparalleled Security. Macs can get viruses and MacKeeper helps protect you from Phishing, Trojans, and an Anti-theft option. While it is busy cleaning out any intruders, it can also help you track your Mac if it gets stolen!

A clean, fresh system every day. MacKeeper does your cleaning for you getting rid of duplicate files, any unused apps, and temp files that you don’t need.

A virtual shredder. Just like shredding your monthly bank statements on paper, your MacKeeper will permanently delete any files you no longer need.

File Recovery pulls deleted items from the trash. As long as you didn’t use the shredder function, the file recovery function can go through your “trash” folder and find any mistakenly deleted items.

Quick access to files with “File Finder.” Can’t remember what you named a file? That’s okay. With “File Finder” type in what you remember about the file and MacKeeper will find it for you!

App update tracking. MacKeeper Update Tracker will automatically look for any available updates on your apps for you.

Encrypt sensitive data. Data encryptor keeps your private data safe from prying eyes. All your sensitive data will be password protected.

Speed up boot time. Login items can help you decide what you really need when you start your computer.

Create a back-up to store important items safely. You can schedule a back-up of your computer or start one manually anytime, anywhere.

Why Do I Need MacKeeper?

looks familiar?

mac virus alerts

Excess files, viruses, and duplicate applications can really slow up your computer. When you need your Mac running fast, smooth and clean MacKeeper does all the computer maintenance for you with just a few clicks. Let’s take a look at what others are saying:


“With MacKeeper on board, you will never need to fret about a frustratingly slow system performance, lack of disk space for storage, stressful accidental file loss, Mac virus attacks, or security breaches.”


“MacKeeper is 911 for your mac. Have you been looking for a way to unleash the powerful capabilities of your Mac? Well, MacKeeper is your lifetime solution.”

Mike Vardy – Cult of Mac

“It’s rare that any product is actually, and seamlessly backed by a tech staff. MacKeeper is perhaps the first I’ve encountered. The tech took about 20 minutes to answer my question and further “unclutter” my Mac. My speed was greatly improved Excellent product, excellent service culture.”

 M. B.

“MacKeeper is the most advanced way to take care of your Mac.”

MacWorld EXPO

“It’s a gem.”

 MacWorld Magazine

“Been using MacKeeper for several weeks and found that it works perfectly and as described. I have a friend who has it on all his Mac’s for over a year and has had no problems with it at all.”


“MacKeeper works just fine. I’ve been using it for a few years now and I haven’t had any issues. I don’t get pop up apps. There is an app for that.”


“I only have had very good experience with MacKeeper! It has a convenient interface, helps me find and easily manage duplicate files. I use the basic MacKeeper version and am thankful to have it.”


“I downloaded the program directly from MacKeeper, installed easily, works just fine. I executed most of their programs and the system runs faster now”


The Bottom Line For MacKeeper Download

The MacKeeper Download retails for as little as $4.95 per month. It comes in a bundle of 16 different apps to help you protect your computer. One thing is important to understand is that MacKeeper will not harm your computer and is easily installed and managed. Just click on the link and see what it has to offer!

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