Is mackeeper safe? : An in-depth review

Is mackeeper safeUnending controversies have been circulating around of late with Mac users asking, “How efficient is mackeeper?” “Is mackeeper safe?”
Mackeeper is a file maintenance program. This utility suite works by protecting your Mac, making the Mac dependable, as well as upholding its speed and cleaning uncalled for files. With a bundle of 16 powerful utilities (latest version), users can worry less, and guaranteed their pricey machines are safe.

How helpful is Mackeeper?

Security tools

Mackeeper entails an exceptional shield system, which wipes out all identity thefts and phishing efforts. A powerful antivirus entity ensures online menaces (Trojans, and viruses) are kept at bay. None of those online viruses can find its way into your system or harm your mac. In case you lose your Mac to thieves, the mackeeper anti-theft bundle assists you trace it.

Cleaning tools

Find the cleaning module that will clear old, unnecessary, and dormant files from your machine. Also, your important files are not touched, rather, they are left unbroken and more secure. The cleaning program consist of customized cleaning entities to narrow your precise needs. For instance you can choose to clear cache and leave log files, or clear all at a time.

Optimization program

The optimizing program aids in maintain your Mac’s speed. Moreover, it enhances your Mac’s speed by keeping files shielded and arranged accordingly. The “update Tracker” finds obsolete apps calling for an update, you can choose your favored default apps, and choose the apps you want to run during system startup.

Data control

The encryption factor enables users to safeguard vital documents with help of a password. In addition, you can retrieve files you deleted accidentally utilizing of the “files recovery” utility. A backup software is incorporated; you can copy files to an external hard drive, USB memory stick, or FTP server.

Why a quality software like Mackeeper has a bad reputation ?

Hullabaloo concerning Mackeeper has been circulating allover almost since Mackeeoer was launched. The 911 suite is one of the most insistently-marketed products in the Mac world, and there are unending allegations that it is not suitable or even that it is deceptive. By the same token, you will find numerous affirmative reviews out there. This implies that it’s a great app despite the backlash in various sites and online forums.

Disturbing pop-up ads

Mackeeper employs scare adverts, which emerge as “pop-under” ads on websites, notifying people to clean their computers. The pop-under commercial is the initial thing users do not adore. This is an actual bottom feeder method and an indeed low-class approach to sell products.

Uninstalling Mackeeper is problematic

Removing Mackeeper does not discard all of it – you will notice various traces of 911 suites in your Mac’s system library folder, and they are painstaking to delete completely. Mackeeper is not that terrible as it appear to the world, it is just tremendously persistent, poorly designed app whose creator works hard to keep you exhausting the program and involves very dubious schemes to make you to buy it in initially.

A Reason why Mackeeper is safe and not a scam ?


mackeeper safe

Mackeeper developer, Kromtech is the key partaker in the MacWorld conference. To prove that mackeeper is not a scam, the 911 software has obtained an OPSWAT Gold Certification in the “Anti-phishing” class!

OPSWAT is the number one supplier of software management and security tech-tools. OPSWAT Certification authenticates that security programs matches leading technology and network and solutions, so that users encounter fewer problems. Yet again a validation you are handling an excellent software product for your mac offering you priceless anti-phishing security.

Some Reviews You Can Find Online

Randell Sutherland says:

“MacKeeper is the greatest Mac antivirus as it creates outstanding results in trials conducted by independent workshops and because it has a foresight for security that surpasses antimalware functionality.”

MacNerdy attests

“With Mackeeper on board you will never worry regarding an irritatingly slow Mac, low disk space for storage, nerve-wracking unintended file loss, System virus attacks or security breaks. Should you have any Mac queries or, the 24/7 customer support will be guide you through.”

Sarim Ali claims

“Individually, I believe it is a very reliable utility software and all that malware/spyware crap is bullshit. I’ve been using it for two weeks and haven’t observed anything odd. Give it a try with the free trial and buy only if you want to keep it.”

Mike Vardy has to confirm

“Have you been searching for a way to unbridle the powerful abilities of your Mac? Well, MacKeeper is your lifetime solution.”

M.Becker says

“I bought MacKeeper, downloaded it on 2 Macs, a MacBook and a MacBook Pro. The Pro was annoyingly sluggish after upgrading the most recent OS. I did everything to enhance speed, to no avail. I ran MacKeeper on the Pro, and it discovered “issues”, which it fixed, increasing speed instantly.”

Jim L says

“I will perhaps get geek dislike posting for this, but I have used MacKeeper for some years without problem issue. Actually, when my Mac begins running slow, running the “system scan” choice always appears to make a significant difference. If I have questions, customer service has always been helpful.”

From Mariposawizard

“I download the package straight from Mackeeper, installed effortlessly, and operate just fine. I executed most of their modules, restarted my iMac and everything is okay, the system runs faster now.”

By jeflyer

“I’m a full-time pastor who got his first Mac a couple of years ago. I’ve read numerous wild accusations about this program. Yet, I only have had very good experience with it and really like MacKeeper! I use the basic MacKeeper version and am thankful to have it. I don’t know anybody else who owns a copy of MacKeeper and have no interest in promoting this product. This is just to share my own personal experience and understand that others’ experiences may vary.”

MadMaxMad utters

“The Notebook was recovered. Thanks Kromtech. Your reports helped police offices here to get my notebook back and arrest the thief. Thanks.”10. BrianGer declares, “I see all people asking, “is Mackeeper safe?” and say it is fraud or other, I’ve been a user of MK for a year, and I do not really understand what this discussion is all about. It sounds to me as black pr.”

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