Does MacKeeper Work? – Find Out Now!

Does MacKeeper WorkThere are various programs and applications that you may be rearing to check out especially if your Mac is new. Instead of just downloading any application, what you can do is to do a bit of research about the various programs you like to check. One such program that might catch your eye is the MacKeeper but does MacKeeper work? If you are curious about this program and would like to know more then read on.

What is A Mackeeper – Is It Fine?

If you would read online reviews, you might get confused with the number of negative reviews that have been written about the MacKeeper. A lot of people are always wondering if MacKeeper is legitimate and if it is not a malware. One reason why it has garnered negative reviews is because it has been mistaken for MacDefender which is a Trojan program.

People have stated a lot of the things that MacKeeper has offered them. Some things you need to know about the program are the following:

  • 15 million people are using this program. The fact that it is being used by millions of users shows that it is trusted and safe.
  • MacKeeper is a winner of over 100 gold stars award from top tech companies, such as Tucows, Softonic and Brothersoft. A program will not get a lot of gold stars if it is not good enough.

How Does MacKeeper Work? – The Features of the MacKeeper

mackeeper report screen

There are different features of the MacKeeper that you should know more about so that you will know how it can help your Mac. Some particularly helpful features are the following:

  • Anti Theft – This is probably one of the things that a lot of people would like because it can be easy to report if the Mac gadget becomes stolen.
  • Fast Cleanup – Instead of trying to clean up each file, each program and each application, the MacKeeper can do all that work for you. It can also be done in a matter of minutes.
  • Duplicate Finder –There is a chance that there are some files that you have unknowingly saved twice or thrice in different areas of your Mac. Instead of getting all confused, the program will search for those duplicates and it will be up to you what you will decide to do next.
  • File Finder – If there are some files that you do not know where you have saved, it is likely that you can use the file finder to do it for you.
  • Disk Usage – With the use of this feature, you will be able to pinpoint which program or application is taking up the most space. You will decide whether to keep big programs or not.
  • Added Security – A lot of mac users are saying that they do not need the added security online because it will be virtually impossible for them to get some of the viruses when they are browsing online but the truth is that there are still some ways by which people can acquire malware and Trojan on their Mac.

With all of the features that are mentioned above, you will be able to pinpoint just how useful this program can be.

Does MacKeeper Work For Real?

Even with the list of features that are mentioned above, the main concern of people is if the MacKeeper will truly work. Some people are saying that those features may be overshadowed by the fact that this program has a lot of pop ups and advertisements. Usually, people get across the stage of being irritated by the pop ups the moment that they realize how helpful the program can be.

Some Positive Reviews You Can Find Online

By Kimmie·

Uni student here. Mackeeper was provided to everyone by my school and yes. It works. Neither myself nor my friends seam to have any issues and we all use mackeeper. 

By nino007·

Mackeeper is where it’s at. Had my copy for over a year now and not one single issue.Hard to pull that in today’s online climate.

By. M. Becker

“It’s rare that any product is actually, and seamlessly backed by a tech staff. MacKeeper is perhaps the first I’ve encountered.I bought MacKeeper, downloaded it on 2 Macs, a MacBook and a MacBook Pro. The Pro was annoyingly sluggish after upgrading the most recent OS. I did everything to enhance speed, to no avail. I ran MacKeeper on the Pro, and it found “issues”, which it corrected, enhancing speed immediately. I had a question about the program–logged onto the 27/7 chat, and not only was there a tech there, he took about 20 minutes to answer my question and further “unclutter” my Mac. By the time he was finished, my speed was greatly improved.I’ve had Norton, some new and up-and-comers, etc. Nothing has ever worked this well, this easily, and this fast. The customer service is over the top.Excellent product, excellent service culture.” 

By Jeflyer

 “I’m a full-time pastor who got his first Mac a couple of years ago. I’ve read tons of negative reviews and wild accusations about this program and its company. Yet, I only have had very good experience with it and really like MacKeeper! It has a convenient interface, helps me find and easily manage duplicate files. I.e., I just did a scan and it found 1961 junk files taking up 1.3GB of space. I appreciate how it scans the computer and the options it performs without the need for a bunch of free third-party patches. I use the basic MacKeeper version and am thankful to have it. I don’t know anybody else who owns a copy of MacKeeper and have no interest in promoting this product. This is just to share my own personal experience and understand that others’ experiences may vary.” 

By e132969 

“I download the program directly from Mackeeper, installed easily, works just fine. I executed most of their programs, restarted my iMac and everything is fine, the system runs faster now” 6. Agree with Mike 101, MacKeeper now is the great customer support service and covers not only software questions. My all requests were solved in 4 hours.Thank you!

by 784Tutubell

Actually I’ve had MK on my computer for several years and it didn’t harm it at all, I wonder why people are so negative about it 

By Milkcow

Have good luck with the protection and optimization and I like the product. My only complaint is with POPPING UP.The rest is very good! 

By Terri.Hopkins.Spring

 MacKeeper is a hot subject, you either love it or hate it.To put it without emotions, MacKeeper is a bundle. If you are a Mac novice, a grand beginner, that could simplify your life a bit. So, you’ll have one click instead of two.I like most of the features. Advise! 

By AllenPerkins99

Actually the last released version is quite good. I’ve just updated to the new version, and very glad that the service becomes better 

Does MacKeeper Work? – You Decide

It is possible that because of all the things that you have read about it, you are somewhat confused. Basically, it is a program that aims to help people with the things that would have to be done but there are also instances when people have different opinions about the MacKeeper. Does MacKeeper work? You would have to download it to decide.

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