What is MacKeeper? – No Holds Barred Review

What is MacKeeper? First time users of Mac will ask this especially if they are searching for programs that they would like to install. MacKeeper is very controversial. Over the past years, it has been considered to be the program that people would want to be removed but no matter what people have done, it stays put. Why? This is because it is generally software that can give people a lot of benefits with all of its features. Do you want to know more about the MacKeeper? Read on to know more.

Is mackeeper safeOther Facts about MacKeeper

It is only natural that you would like to know more about this program so here are some facts that you should know:

  • MacKeeper is a cleaning program that has been created by Zeobit in 2009.
  • In April of 2013, it was acquired by another company namely, Kromtech Alliance.
  • MacKeeper aims not only to become a cleaning program but an all around program that can be very helpful for any Mac user.
  • This can be purchased directly from their website.
  • There are different MacKeeper Licenses that you can get: The MacKeeper lite for $38.95, Standard for $58.95 and Premium for $88.95.

Is MacKeeper A Scam? – Not Really

There are always speculations and accusations that MacKeeper is a scam. In fact, a lot of people have said that it is a virus that you have to pay for. It is an all around cleaning tool with over 16 things that it can do for your Mac to make it run better and faster. It has always been changed and modified to accommodate the needs of a typical Mac user.

MacKeeper Features – What is MacKeeper?

In case you are already interested to know more about MacKeeper and what it can give you, here are some things that you have to remember:

what is mackeeper

Fast Cleanup – Do you like the ability to be able to clean your Mac fast and easy? You will be able to do that with the help of Fast Cleanup. The great thing about this is that you can customize it to your liking. This means that if you would want to remove cache files, you can easily do that with the use of this feature and leave all the other drives untouched.

Duplicate Finder – Have you ever had the trouble of having to search for files that are exactly the same? You may have downloaded a file more than once because you thought that it was not downloading. With the help of MacKeeper, you will find that duplicate and banish that from your system.

Cleaning Section – There are three things that you can get from the cleaning feature of the MacKeeper. First is the files finder which from the name itself will allow you to search for files that you forgot where you have saved. The second one is the disk usage which will allow you to see all of the files, programs and applications you have on your Mac and see which ones are small, which ones are just right and which ones are large. Lastly, you will also have the smart uninstaller that will allow you to remove the applications or programs that you do not want to be on your Mac anymore.

Added Security – You may think that there is no need for your Mac to have an anti virus program but no matter how strong it is, it can still be vulnerable against some types of viruses such as Trojan, Adware and Malware. Having this program installed will give you better chances of avoiding these viruses for a Mac that can process properly.

Anti Theft – If you find out that your Mac is stolen, do not fret if you have the MacKeeper because it will just close down your device and no one can access it but you.

mackeeper security 2

Installing MacKeeper

It is likely that because of the features that are mentioned above, you would like to install it on your Mac at the soonest possible time. Here are some steps that you need to take:

install mackeeper

  • Go to their website and read up on the different features of each license you may choose to purchase.
  • Choose how you are going to pay for the program.
  • Verify purchase of the program by placing the activation code when prompted when you open .pkg file that you have downloaded.
  • Make sure that you have a Kromtech account and sign in to your Kromtech account.
  • Finish setting up and start using your MacKeeper.

The installation is quite easy and you will not have any trouble with it unless you do not follow the steps mentioned above.

Their Great Customer Support

One notable thing about the MacKeeper is that their customer support can be accessed 24/7. This means that if you have any problem with your MacKeeper at any time of the night or the day, you will be answered by a person who can help you out. You also have three options to contact their customer service representatives. You may contact them through phone, email or even live chat.

Purchasing MacKeeper – Your Decision

Purchasing MacKeeper

Now that you have learned the different things that you need to learn about this program, do you still think that it is a program that can potentially harm your computer? You may be helping you Mac when you purchase and install it at the soonest possible time. “What is MacKeeper?” Now you know the answer to that.

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