Sophos for Mac Review, the Best Antivirus

Sophos for Mac logoSophos Antivirus is just one of the many options that are currently available for Mac users, along with MacKeeper and many others. Both of these have great feedback as seen in both Sophos for Mac reviews and MacKeeper reviews.

However, Sophos has definitely proven to be a worthy competitor in the world of Mac cleaners. Here is a detailed description of Sophos and all that it does for Mac computers.

What is Sophos for Mac?

Sophos is an efficient and effective antivirus software designed specifically for Mac computers. It can be easily downloaded from the main site at or can be found through the mainstream Apple store. There are also monthly updates to this software, ensuring that you are always privy to the latest in antivirus technology, as many users can attest to in their Sophos for Mac reviews.

What does Sophos do and what effect do Sophos for Mac reviews have?

Sophos is able to give Mac computers a very efficient layer of protection. It is able to protect the system in many areas by securing the computer’s network, protecting the users, and keeping all personal data in a safe place. It is truly one of the top options, as can be seen in the Sophos for Mac review further in the article, which provide further insight and understanding into the inner workings of this software.

Installation Process for Sophos

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The installation process for the Sophos antivirus software is very simple indeed. Simply go into the main Sophos website and they will guide you through the process step by step, from when you download the software, to running the setup and then understanding how the product works. The team of professionals at Sophos ensured that you would not have to deal with complicated installation issues when simply wanting to protect your computer. There is also a great support team available should you have any issues.

What Services does Sophos Provide?

There are many features that Sophos is able to provide for Mac users. Here is a summarized list and basic details of each feature:

Virus and Trojan Protection

Sophos provides comprehensive protection from all known viruses, Trojans, and worms. This great antivirus feature ensures that your computer is safe regardless of what a malicious virus may attempt to do to your system.

Web Browsing Security

When it comes to browsing the web in this day and age, there are security concerns around every corner. With Sophos, you are able to breathe easy and know that your web browsing is secure. Sophos provides scans that will detect malicious codes. The software will then block these codes and ensure that any web-based threats are stopped in their tracks.


This particular feature allows for the detected threats to be isolated from the rest of your computer files. This allows for the user to look through them later and decide if it’s something worth deleting or not. This means that the files cannot do any harm while quarantined in the Mac system, and can be taken care of when it is convenient for the user.

Live Antivirus

Sophos provides a unique feature in its Live Antivirus. As this is constantly updated, it allows for Sophos to be constantly aware of any new threats that are emerging. This means that Sophos will be able to detect both current and new threats at a much faster rate than regular antivirus software.

Advantages of Using Sophos

There are some great advantages should you choose to use Sophos to protect your Mac. Sophos for Mac reviews can also help show how advantageous this software can be. Here are some of the advantages to using Sophos:


This could possibly be one of the biggest advantages of this particular software. It is completely free! This means that regardless of what your budget is, you are able to protect your system from all of the malicious viruses that are out there.

Ease of Use

Sophos strives to be a user friendly software as much as possible. It is designed to run quietly in the background with a selection of scans for the user to choose from. This means that the user has more manual control over the depth of the scan that the software runs. The software is also designed to immediately alert you to any detected threats so that you can take care of them at your earliest convenience.

Business Quality

Sophos isn’t just a software for residential use. It is made with high standards in mind, which means that whether your business is small or large, you can be assured that you and all of your computers will be protected in an effective manner.

Best Sophos Reviews for Mac Computers

When it comes time to review a product, and especially a digital one, many users strive to be as honest and upfront as possible. In that same frame of mind, here are some of the best, and the worst, Sophos for Mac reviews:

From, Ben Harvell gives outstanding feedback of the Sophos software, stating

“While a full system scan can take a while – a couple of hours on our 1TB drive – you can set up custom scans to protect specific areas of your system. Sophos’ antivirus solution is full-featured, flexible and completely free. That’s hard to beat. “

There are negative as well as positive reviews for every product. In order to stay as objective as possible, here is one of the not-so-nice review that a consumer described. The reviewer stated:

Sophos (…) doesn’t explicitly tell you that it is checking for definition updates, nor does it have a pause feature as far as I could tell. It also came up with the message ‘issues encountered’ but continued saying ‘no threats found’.  (…)” Bbw7.

On a more positive note, from the discussions on Apple [], this user stated: 

“I’ve been running Sophos on my systems for years. It doesn’t slow things down and doesn’t get in the way. It updates automatically and runs in the background without the end user really noticing. Necronym”

For a more objective review, here is what Williamvv had to say: 

“I ran the free version of Sophos (…) for a while. I found that they caused significant performance problems (…). For the person who says it doesn’t slow the computer down, I’d recommend de-installing it as an experiment. You can always reinstall if you don’t see a significant performance improvement. Williamvv”

To end on a high note, here is the positive review that Shaydmac left on the forums in regards to Sophos: 

“I had to review this (…) I am truly impressed by this and thought I should share it. It quarantined the malware and alerted me to it promptly. Very efficient and effective!!! (…)”


Although not all Sophos for Mac reviews were positive, there is much to be learned from them and the insight that they provide into the system. With every great software, there are pitfalls as well to be aware of. By knowing the ins and outs of this particular system, users are better able to avoid issues in the future and can help alert technicians on the Sophos team so that the appropriate changes can be made. All in all, Sophos is a fantastic antivirus software and will most likely see great success in the future.

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