Free And Easy: Magican For Mac Review

Magican For MacKeeping your Mac in tip-top shape is important!
Even if your Mac seems up-to-speed it may have things that need put in order to keep it running smooth. Not cleaning and optimizing your Mac slows you down, so a Mac cleaner is the way to go.

A free Mac cleaner is an even better way to go! Our editors found a free software called, Magican for Mac.
The best part about it was that it is free and there are no ads, no gimmicks and no surprises. This Magican for Mac review gives you everything you need to know, both good and bad about this software.

We went out on a limb and searched far and wide for good, bad, and neutral reviews and brought it all together. We even had some fun testing out this versatile software. Some features we found really helpful, while some we didn’t think we needed at all. Here is the details so you can decide for yourself.

What Is Magican For Mac?

Magican for Mac is a free software program that analyzes your computer, cleans it out, and improves your space consumption. The program focuses on your memory and looks for needed space that can be “set free” so you can use it again. For instance, copies of certain things you create on a Mac gets saved into temporary caches. After you have saved your permanent hard copy, those temporary caches still exist somewhere and take up space. Magican for Mac finds these can cleans them out for you.

It also monitors your CPU, battery power, running processes, and a file monitor. Let’s do a quick Magican for Mac review on all the features.

What Does Magican For Mac Do?  (Features)

Magican for Mac has an easy user interface on a window with tabs. The different tabs will direct you to each of the program functions. Here is a breakdown:

Homepage – When you open the homepage you will see six different cleaners included in the program. You will also be able to access your computers performance analysis, and the last time you cleaned your Mac.

Mac Scanner – Let’s start with the scanning functions. You get a “one-click” scan, a “one-click” clean, hot scan settings, and scan logs so you can see what was found.

Clean-up Mac – Here you can clean up duplicate files, clean out your Chrome and Firefox caches, clean out your language packs, and clean your binaries to free up lots of disk space.

Security Center – An added bonus that you don’t see on many Mac cleaners is a security center that helps you scan for viruses. There is a built-in firewall, Trojan detector, and a scanner for downloads.

Optimize – You tell Magican what you want your computer to do to optimize itself. Decide which login and start-up items you need, set parameters, and set your default applications.

Stat Monitor – Watch your system in “real time” with stat monitor. This is a pretty cool feature that monitors all of your system data, helps keep your mac cool with fan adjustments, stops any running processes you don’t need, and places a floating window up for you to monitor your data while you’re working.

Software Center – This program does a few things for free that others charge for. You can check on updates for your apps and update with just one-click. Delete any apps in full that you don’t want or need, and check for recommended apps and freeware.

The Toolbox – Who doesn’t need a toolbox, for anything? This toolbox holds; a file search feature, a document file with “smart folders,” and a rest feature when you want to turn off Magican for a bit.

Hardware Monitor – This keeps all your hardware information handy. Just one-click and you have all your information about your computer ready and you can even export it to a document file.

This is a lot for free, that most programs make you pay for. The user interface has improved from previous versions as promised, but there isn’t a lot of information on what each button does. I would have to say better descriptions are in order.

Magican For Mac Installation




The latest system requirements for Magican version 1.3.0 needs Mac OS 10.6 or higher to operate. It will function on Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion OSX, and Lion. The program is FREE and you can download is directly from Magican.

Our team was able to download and install the program with no issues and it was quick! It did take us a little longer to load it onto our Pro with Snow Leopard. It really wasn’t an issue though.

Magican For Mac User Review

We did a pretty thorough check of what users are saying. We found that people really like what this app does for free! Yes, there were some negative reviews, but it was pretty balanced overall.

Positive Reviews

“Magican was a pleasant surprise, and I will continue using it. I only miss a schedule function to run some function as scheduled.” –M

“This software is perfect. Sure, it has yet to evolve but it is quite stable, free (no ads) and despite the number of options it is very easy to use. Congratulations to the developers for this great work!” –SB

“A well-organized application. Though plenty of functions it contains, to my surprise, it is simply to operate. Love it. Thanks for sharing on Macupdate.” – ILA

Negative Reviews

“This app has a very un-Mac-like interface. I prefer to use CleanMyMac simply because it looks like a Mac app rather than a Windows port.” -49

“This app was really slow and eating resources for no apparent reason. After uninstalling I still get the message “ (com.magican.castle[540]) posix_spawn(“/Library/Application Support/Magican/McDaemon”, …): No such file or directory

“In Console. Really annoying and I can’t get rid of it.” –Tn


Magican vs MacKeeper Review

Here is the rundown on what you get for free in comparison with MacKeeper, a great program that retails for $39.95. While MacKeeper is a great program, Magican really measured up!

Program/Function Magican (FREE) MacKeeper ($39.95)
Virus Protection Included Included
Floating Window Included Not Included
Optimization Included Included
Scan and Clean Files Included Included
CPU Stats/Weather Included Not Included
Update Tracking Included Included
Live Phone Support Not Included Included


Editors Final Conclusion

For a free program, it is surprisingly good. An honest Magican for Mac Review is important, so we will tell you there are still a few things that could make it better. Like better descriptions on the UI tabs. It runs great on Pro, Snow Leopard, and Lion. Users were also a little nervous that the program didn’t seem to have any instructions for use, but it was pretty easy to figure out.

There was a little animosity among users that they could not find a phone number for the company, however the company seems to be pretty efficient at answering emails and taking reviews into account. They listen to user’s wants and needs and quickly release updates to fix issues.

Overall, we think it is a pretty cool program.

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