MacKeeper Reviews – The Truth about the Controversial Program

Over the past years, a lot of things have been said about the MacKeeper. A lot of people say that this program is nothing but a malware and that it can make the performance of Mac become slower and more sluggish over time. MacKeeper reviews can vary from people saying that this program should not be given second attention and those who say that this is the best program that has ever been made. The different things that have been said about the MacKeeper can be confusing but getting to know this program is highly important before you judge.

What is MacKeeper?

Aside from the MacKeeper is considered to be one of the most controversial programs out there right now, the only reason why it is controversial is because of the reviews of people who probably do not know how good it works. In fact, those who know a lot about Macs and the things that it can do only have praises for the MacKeeper.

Macworld magazine even says 

“MacKeeper is a gem.”

Who can argue with that?
MacKeeper is a Mac cleaner. It has all the right tools to ensure that your Mac will work perfectly. It contains a wide array of features that will be discussed thoroughly later on.

MacKeeper – Is It Malware? NO!

mackeeper is not a scam

One of the things that people are always saying about MacKeeper is that it is a malware.

A lot of people claim that the moment that it is installed in Mac, it will start to attach itself to the device and it can never be removed. Some claim that it deletes their precious photos that they have carefully placed on their hard drive and even deletes important files but with all the bad things that are being said, professionals who have installed this software can verify that it is not true. It will not make your Mac slow down nor will it delete any of your important files or pictures.

What it will do is just clean your system to ensure that your Mac will perform at its best the whole time. Professional reviewers have never complained about any of their files becoming lost just because of MacKeeper. It is just a helpful program being hounded by controversy.

How to Install MacKeeper?

install mackeeper

At this point, you may already be interested in having it installed at your very own Mac. Do remember that you just have to follow these simple steps and you will have it installed and ready to use in no time:

[1] Download the .pkg file of MacKeeper from the official MacKeeper website.
[2] Open the file and it will give you substantial information on how you can continue your installation.
[3] Follow the instructions that are being stated and you will be instructed to place in your activation code.
[4] Using the code that you have acquired from your purchase. Place that code and sign into your Kromtech account.
[5] Once the program is already activated, you can already start using the program.

Do remember that doing the whole process does not take long. In fact, most of the time, it would only take a couple of minutes to complete.

MacKeeper Reviews – The Features of the MacKeeper

mackeeper features

Now that you have already installed it in your Mac, it is important to know what different things that you can expect to get from it. With no further ado, here are the viable features you can get:

Fast Cleanup – Are you having trouble searching for the different storage spaces in your Mac that you need to clean? Perhaps, you know that it will take you a long time before you can cleanup some of these things well. What you can do instead is to use the Fast Cleanup feature of the MacKeeper, you can customize it to your liking too so you will be able to clean the space you want to clean in no time.

File Finder – Having trouble searching for that file that you know you have saved? No need to fret further because the MacKeeper will help you find it immediately. The filters that you will choose will determine how fast the program will find it for you.

Disk Usage – Want to know how some files or applications are taking up space on your computer? You will be able to find a lot of details by using the disk usage. The folders will be placed in columns and will be color coded to allow you to see which files are taking up small spaces and which ones are taking up a lot of space.

Anti Theft – This is one of the features of the MacKeeper that a lot of people consider to be useful. You will never know when your gadget may be stolen so instead of just letting it happen,
you can make use of the Anti Theft and have your Mac locked so that no one can use it.

Smart Uninstaller – It is possible that there are some files, programs and applications that you would like to remove from your Mac at the soonest possible time. It is also possible that you would like to remove bulk files all at once. You will be able to do that with the use of Smart Installer.
These are just some of the features that you can get from MacKeeper. There might still be others that you will gain an appreciation for the more that you use this program.

Why Mac Needs Anti Virus ?

looks familiar???

mac virus alerts

While a lot of Apple fans will say that virus security is not needed because Apple products especially the Mac is so secure probably have not experienced how it is like to get a virus first hand. While it will not acquire virus just by browsing through some sites, it can acquire viruses when it downloads something with Trojan, malware or even adware. Virus security can then be provided by MacKeeper.

If you are still a bit skeptical because of the things that you have heard about the MacKeeper, you should know more about what the professionals are saying about this program.

Sarim Ali at Macnetized said

“Personally, I think it is a pretty handy piece of software and all that malware/spyware crap is bullshit. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and haven’t noticed anything unusual. Give it a try with the free trial and buy only if you want to keep it.” Jan, 2014

Mike Vardy of Cult of Mac said

“Mackeeper is 911 for your mac. Have you been looking for a way to unleash the powerful capabilities of your Mac? Well, MacKeeper is your lifetime solution”

M Becker of Amazon said

“It’s rare that any product is actually, and seamlessly backed by a tech staff. MacKeeper is perhaps the first I’ve encounteredI bought MacKeeper, downloaded it on 2 Macs, a MacBook and a MacBook Pro. The Pro was annoyingly sluggish after upgrading the most recent OS. I did everything to enhance speed, to no avail. I ran MacKeeper on the Pro, and it found “issues”, which it corrected, enhancing speed immediately. I had a question about the program–logged onto the 27/7 chat, and not only was there a tech there, he took about 20 minutes to answer my question and further “unclutter” my Mac. By the time he was finished, my speed was greatly improved.I’ve had Norton, some new and up-and-comers, etc. Nothing has ever worked this well, this easily, and this fast. The customer service is over the top.”

Jeflyer of Amazon said

“I’m a full-time pastor who got his first Mac a couple of years ago. I’ve read tons of negative reviews and wild accusations about this program and its company. Yet, I only have had very good experience with it and really like MacKeeper! It has a convenient interface, helps me find and easily manage duplicate files. I.e., I just did a scan and it found 1961 junk files taking up 1.3GB of space. I appreciate how it scans the computer and the options it performs without the need for a bunch of free third-party patches. I use the basic MacKeeper version and am thankful to have it. I don’t know anybody else who owns a copy of MacKeeper and have no interest in promoting this product. This is just to share my own personal experience and understand that others’ experiences may vary.”

If you would check out online forums, you will see the usual negative reviews that aim to discredit the program but you will also see huge fans of MacKeeper who are always willing to defend the program because they know and they have experienced the positive things that the program has to offer. The fact that there are 15 million users of this program from all over the world just goes to show how good the program is and that is relatively small as compared to people who complain about this product.

It is always important for any program, application or even a file to be installed and opened thoroughly. Otherwise, it will not work at all. There is a possibility that those who claim to have experienced bad things with the program have done something wrong with the installation and have been bad mouthing the program ever since.

So…should you purchase MacKeeper ?

The many features of this program is already enough to make you want to purchase it.
It does not cost bad too given all the things that it can give. It can act as an effective file cleaner; it can remove duplicate files and stop other files from potentially harming your Mac. It can also help you search for the files that you are searching for at the soonest possible time and generally; it can make your Mac run smoother and better.

There are different MacKeeper reviews that you will see but stick to the ones made by professionals so that you will know what it can truly offer and why you should get it for your Mac now.

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