Not at all, Mackeeper is not a scam

Is mackeeper safeoffers a utility suite, encompassing an impressive and interesting bid for folks searching for a simple way of handling all their maintenance tasks on the Mac. The 911 suite keeps your machine surefire, clean, speedy, protected, attended, and dependable.

The 911 program is a legit package downloadable from the Mac App store. There are various reasons why people term mackeeper as a scam:

  • It is frequently mistaken for MacDefender, a Trojan malware
  • Mac users suppose Macs are not susceptible to virus
  • Herd mindset that Macs cannot be affected by any form of malware
  • Simple promotional tactics made it appear shady

Reasons why Mackeeper scam news are trending

The 911 suite is not a scam, it is known as an excellent mac antivirus tool comprising reliable internet security suite for protecting your Mac online. However, the majority have been condemning this software for long. Inappropriate info makes people spread false rumors. Read along to see some allegations people make regarding Mackeeper.

A. Keep advertising even you have purchased it

You want to utilize your software with minimal disturbance devoid of ads popping up every time. There is a reason why you made a purchase of 911 suite rather than trying free utility programs; that is to avoid stressing ads always. This is not the case with Mackeeper. After you install the program, ads fill your screen even after making a purchase.
Experts attest that numerous ads made the program suspicious. Dubious marketing strategies employed by Kromtech have stirred the bad reputation against the legit software.

B. Mackeeper is hard to uninstall ? NO!

Uninstalling a Mac software should never be more complicated than moving it into the bin and emptying the bin, and maybe inputting an administrative PIN or password if it is an authentic app, you have downloaded from the Mac App store.

Mackeeper attempts to block your way, forces you to attest that you are not in need anymore, and even tries to make you clarify the reason. That is unfriendly. This is not something tolerated by Apple’s particular interface recommendations for genuine app developers.

However, there are easy methods used to remove Mackeeper entirely; beat their persistent business techniques.
Watch the MacKeeper YouTube channel – a tutorial of uninstalling MacKeeper in seconds

C. MacKeeper slows down your mac ?? NO!

The criticisms about Mackeeper are all over: it slows your Mac rather than improving speeding, it convicts your system hostage until you pay up. These are complaints regarding Mackeeper.
Mackeeper will never hold up your Mac as it is designed to enhance its speed. Ninety percent of the bad reviewers have never used 911 suite. Theirs allegations are based on hearsay.
Experts have entirely commended Mackeeper. Professionals recognize the software’s great design crafted for easy use.

Macworld magazine labels it a gem,

“MacKeeper offers a compelling set of tools at a very reasonable price”

10 reasons why mackeeper is not a scam

mackeeper is not a scam

Nowadays, Mackeeper is a renowned mac cleaner.
Additionally, it is more of a mac cleaner. The all-in-one program comprises a range of powerful modules handy in optimizing your mac and the internet speeds. The excellent antivirus and internet security modules shield your mac from any malware invasions. Owing to some mix-ups, initial persistent promotion, and murky smear campaigns from the rivalry, the Mackeeper has been branded unreasonably as a scam.

[1] Mackeeper is trusted by professionals
Experts have been giving only positive remarks regarding the 911 bundle.
Leander Kahney from Cult of Mac

“None of the professional reviewers complain of slowed-down machines or deleted data”

[2] Click Play to Watch:

[3] Zeobit the origin of Mackeeper is one of the sponsors of MacWorld; a high-class conference that discusses products and issues pertaining Apple.

[4] Mackkepr scooped OPSWAT Gold Certification. OPSWAT Certification validates that security apps tallies contemporary technology – implying that Mackeeper is legit.

[5] Apple offers the 911 bundle – products offer in the Mac App Store are carefully scrutinized for malware.

[6] Zeobit offers a round-the-clock and responsive technical support; should you encounter any problem, they are always there to assist.

[7] Mackeeper’s tools are sorted strategically: services, cleaners, and tools. You will find some tools no other utility software in the market offers. An example is the anti-theft feature. Each tool works as expected.

[8] AV-Comparatives approved of Mackeeper its internet security protection. Av-Comparatives reviewed, “KromTech’s Internet Security is an effective security program for the Mac malware and intercepts Windows malware too. It has all the essential functionality of a good antivirus program. Consequently it receives our Approved Security award.”

[9] Mackeeper offers you a 15-days trial to test and attest whether it is a scam or not. Within the fifteen days, you decide whether you need it or not.

[10] Mackkeper has received both good and bad reputation. The good reviewers say that they have never had an issue with the 911 bundle.
To those of you who keep on asking, “Is mackeeper a scam?” NO! Mackeeper is not a scam. It is a genuine piece of software.

Why you should make a purchase of Mackeeper

Does MacKeeper Work

All mackeeper scam allegations you will ever set your eyes on are false. There is a very good reason why making a purchase of Mackeeper is necessary. Gone are the days when Mac was harmless from any kind of malware. Currently, online scammers have designed numerous Trojans and threats, which can fatally harm Mac computers. Mackeeper is very secure and it will keep running in background without hampering your Mac’s operation.

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