MacBooster Review Changes Perspective on Mac Cleaner Software

macbooster reviewMacBooster Reviews are a crucial part of what keeps MacBooster going and they give insight into the product’s ups and downs, not only for potential consumers, but for the MacBooster developers as well. It is through these reviews that we as a public are able to understand this product more fully, and which allow MacBooster to continue on its road to success.

What is MacBooster?

Macbooster is a comprehensive software application that provides internal cleaning services for your Mac. It is considered a third-party app as it is not originally an Apple product, and it comes in two versions: the original MacBooster, and Macbooster 2.0. Both of these great products provide cleaning applications for your computer in order for you to easily delete unwanted files, data, and caches that may very well be slowing down and even corrupting your system. All of this is also supplied in a secure environment, ensuring that none of your personal information will be available to hackers or to others who would exploit you in any way.

Purpose of MacBooster

The true purpose of MacBooster is to provide you a way to easily and conveniently control your Mac’s clutter. As we are all aware of, computers can quickly become slowed down when they are overloaded with downloads, software, and other files such as photos, movies, and music. MacBooster is able to quickly and easily scan your whole system to locate all of the files that your computer does not need and that you don’t want. You can then easily select which files to get rid of, and use the “Fix” button provided in the app to clean it all out at once. It is a very convenient and time-saving process for those who choose to take advantage of it.

MacBooster’s Installation Process

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The installation process that you would go through to download this great software on your Mac is as following:

Simply visit the MacBooster official website and proceed to download the software and purchase the product.
Once this is done, you will go through a quick setup to ensure that you have the right details such as language, set up on your system.
This is a one-time walkthrough, and once done you will have easy access to the MacBooster software at all times. You can also choose to have a shortcut icon placed on your home screen or taskbar for easy access.

Features Included in MacBooster

There are many phenomenal features that MacBooster provides to its users.
In order to get to all of them, we’ll proceed to mention them one at a time and explain in more detail what each of them provides.
To start with, MacBooster gives you the capability of deleting multiple types of junk from your computer, 13 to be exact. These include unnecessary language files, old system updates, piled up digital “trash”, unwanted mail attachments, and the IOS’ photo cache to name a few.

Other features that you can take advantage of include an unparalleled security center, which alerts you to any suspicious activity as well as encrypts personal information; a great performance boost which gauges current speeds and ensures that your Mac is running at full capacity; and a fantastic uninstaller, which gives you control over what apps you want on your Mac and what content you want to keep on them.

MacBooster is one of the best apps to use when you want to have control over your Mac and everything that it does for you on a daily basis. Also, in the event that you should have any difficulties or concerns, MacBooster provides fantastic customer service through its website which will allow you to pinpoint the issue and get the professional help that you need.

Expert Review

“There are plenty of cleaning options here, covering a wide range of areas, and if you know what you’re doing then MacBooster is a potentially useful ally in keeping the detritus away from your Mac. ” by Nick Peers ,

 Comparing Macbooster to MacKeeper

Features Macbooster MacKeeper
Release Disk space with one click Yes Yes
Provides login optimization and overall performance boost to your Mac Yes Yes
Provides security of the highest caliber while surfing the web and handling personal information Yes Yes
Gives you the option of interacting with a certified Apple technician No Yes
Provides In-depth analysis of issues within your Mac Yes Yes
Affordable Price point Yes Yes
Uses smart uninstallation to avoid deleting relevant digital data Yes Yes


As seen with both of these great Mac cleaner options, Macbooster and MacKeeper, both provide great service overall to their clients.
One of the main differences is the price point, as Macbooster gives you the option of a one-time purchase ranging from 39.95 to 59.95 depending on the version, while MacKeeper gives you a flexible, cheap subscription option, ranging from 4.99 to 9.99 per month.
They are both great assets to your computer as they will both help keep your Mac clean and functioning at its full potential. All that is left is to choose which one you would prefer to use.

MacBooster Customer Reviews

There are plenty of great MacBooster reviews on the web that can help potential users see all of the benefits of this software.
Here are 6 of the best reviews that we could locate across the internet on MacBooster:

Nick Peers from states in his review of MacBooster 2.0: “There are plenty of cleaning options here, covering a wide range of areas, and if you know what you’re doing then MacBooster is a potentially useful ally in keeping the detritus away from your Mac.” Nick Peers

A review from a satisfied customer on the Apple forums states: “MacBooster’s price is (…) reasonable, and unlike some other software on Windows which charges you every year or even every month. For MacBooster, you only have to pay one-time fee, and you can use it as long as you want.” Kiwi730

A happy consumer of MacBooster stated on the website: “This app is the best of the apps I’ve used. Of course there are many other similar apps, I think this app has the most convenient-to-use and powerful features. (…) If you want to use macbook with nice condition, I recommend install and run this app (…).”  Vndfbfkd

A user and satisfied MacBooster consumer says it best: “Excellent software… does an awesome job. Customer support is great.”  MRCSG1

A developer and technician who also enjoys the benefits of Macbooster stated on the Apple forums: “To clean cookies and uninstall apps, MacBooster works fine.” This was in regards to the functionality and convenience of the software even when you can go in and do the same things yourself.  Gym_Cop

Our last review comes from a happy customer on the macupdate website, who said: “This is (a) must have app for daily Mac life. Just awesome!!!”  Sylph93

Macbooster Review boosts product reputation

When consumers are searching for great products, many times reviews can be the determining factor in whether they will purchase that product or not.

With MacBooster, this is very relevant as the online community is all that users have to go off of, as it is not a physical product. With great MacBooster reviews available to potential customers across the globe, potential users are better able to receive insight into how the software works, what advantages or disadvantages they may encounter, and can receive honest feedback from people who are unbiased in their reviews and comments.

These great MacBooster revies are a great way to help promote their products, and have certainly been a contributing factor to MacBooster’s success over the past several years.
With the help of the online community, and the support of a consistent and credible customer support system, MacBooster is definitely on the road to long-term success.

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