Is MacKeeper Legit? – You Should Know the Truth

With the number of programs that are available online right now, a lot of people are wary about some programs because they are not sure if that program is legitimate or not. There are some programs that will only proceed with giving viruses to the computer or to the gadget that is being used. Is MacKeeper Legit? This is one of the programs that people tend to get confused about.

Getting to Know MacKeeper

Does MacKeeper Work

It is likely that the main reason why you are wondering about how legitimate this program is because you have never tried it in the past. You should know that Mackeeper is a multi – purpose Mac cleaner. It serves as an anti virus program too because it can terminate possible viruses that will cause harm to your Mac. At the same time, it can also serve as an organizer to keep your
programs neat and tidy.

This program has already received a lot of acclaim on various magazines because of the features that it can give. It has received recognition too from Tucows, Softonic and Brothersoft. Those who have used this program have good things to say about how this program has helped them but how come a lot of people still think that MacKeeper is a scam?

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Is MacKeeper Legit? – Why It Is a Controversial Program

Is MacKeeper Legit 2

There are a variety of reasons why a lot of people often mistaken MacKeeper to be a scam or a fraud. Here are just some of those reasons:

  • It sounds similar to MacDefender – You might think that MacKeeper and MacDefender are the same but you should know now that MacDefender is the Trojan malware and the moment that you download it to your Mac, it will cause some problems. The two should not get confused.
  • Fanboys do not want to accept the fact that Mac gadgets may get virus – It seems that the strong followers of Mac cannot help but think that their gadgets are one of a kind and will never be brought down by any virus. The fact the MacKeeper is in charge of cleaning viruses that might go to the computer makes some fanboys (and even fangirls) bad mouth the program.
  • Herd Mentality – This is the process wherein something is heard about so much that people cannot help anymore but accept it as normal or because it is so common, people become confused with what it can do already.
  • Unsophisticated Marketing – The developers of this program made a good job on making this program very helpful for Mac users but the fact cannot be denied that how a product is marketed often increases or decreases the number of people who will believe in the program immediately.

With these reasons, it can be quite easy to see why some people think of MacKeeper as a strange program but right now you have to know that MacKeeper is a legitimate program that is not a malware or a Trojan that can potentially harm your device.

Getting Viruses Mac Style

If you have never tried a Mac before, you should know that there are some differences with this and Windows. One good thing about Mac is the fact that unlike Windows, you will not be susceptible to getting any type of virus just because of browsing on the Internet. Still, this does not mean that no virus will harm your computer. There is always that big chance that you will download a program that can supposedly help you but it is just a Trojan or Malware disguised as something else. It will start to do harmful things to your Mac in due time.

What Other People Have to Say About MacKeeper?

It is possible that you would like to know more about MacKeeper but you are having trouble searching for the right details on the Internet.
It is a real and legitimate service but what do other people have to say?

Look at this statement posted by Helenfmb at Apple’s forum. (

“I’ve had MacKeeper on my iMac and my MacBook Air (and before that my white MacBook) for over 3 years and I’ve found it to be brilliant. I have never understood the negative comments about it. It has never caused anything amiss to happen to my computers, in fact all the features have helped me to maintain them in a user-friendly way. YES – the light version IS sold in the App Store as 911 for Mac, though I have the full version with anti-virus included. I can only guess that people who have had trouble after installing it would have had issues anyway, and I know for a fact that many people don’t know how to uninstall applications properly.I can honestly recommend it, and if I had a way of getting up on a soap-box and banging a drum for macKeeper I would!It’s SO useful.I do agree that some people slag it off for no other reason than it seems to be the “in” thing to do.”

Other Features of MacKeeper

mackeeper features

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There are still other features of MacKeeper that you should know such as:

  • Security – It gives the required virus scan from time to time and allows you to report if your device gets stolen.
  • Data Control – It is in charge of giving extra security to your files if you would need to. It will also try to recover files that you have deleted accidentally. If there are files that you would like to keep, there are also files that you would like to delete permanently and you can use its file shredder feature to do just that. Lastly, it creates a backup for you Mac machine in case it breaks down.
  • Cleans – It cleans up your computer from possible problems that might emerge in the future. From files, language files and even applications, you can clean it up with the use of MacKeeper.
  • Optimizes – It also help optimize your whole gadget so that you can set it up depending on your preference and what you like.
  • Allows You to Talk with an Apple Certified Professional – If you need to ask questions or you have inquiries, you can set it up immediately with the use of MacKeeper.

Is MacKeeper Legit? – You’ll be the Judge

With all of the things mentioned above, the things that it can do and how people have reacted to using this program, you will be the judge if Mackeeper is legit or not.

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