Keeping Your Mac Healthy: Is MacKeeper Good?

Mac computer products need maintenance just like all the others. It is a common misconception that Mac’s don’t get viruses. The truth is: they can. Too many open apps, excessive temporary files and full caches can slow you down. For maintenance, many people are asking, “Is MacKeeper good?” This article will explore all the unique features that MacKeeper provides and give you our editor’s expert review of the product.

Is MacKeeper Good?

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You may be wondering if MacKeeper is any good for maintaining your Mac product (MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac). If you heard that this is a program that only “cleans” your Mac, understand that it is that and so much more!

MacKeeper keeps your system optimized, removes malware and viruses, and keeps it running super-fast. Not only do you get an entire suite of 16 different utilities, the company has a team on-call 24/7 known as, “Geeks on Demand.” You get live phone support anytime anywhere for any questions about your Mac product.

Do You Need MacKeeper?

Your time is precious! Going through maintenance functions on your Mac one by one takes your valuable time. MacKeeper has all the maintenance utilities you need all in one place. You tell it what to do and it does all the work for you.

Your safety is important. Don’t fall victim to the belief that Mac products are immune to viruses, they are not. You still need to check for viruses and intruders and remove them quickly or they can harm your Mac. MacKeeper does this for you.

If you run into trouble with your Mac, you can call the “Geeks on Demand,” for live human help with any issues you run into. They are very knowledgeable about all the ins-and-outs of Macs and can help you solve just about anything.

Let’s take a look at all the MacKeeper features:

is mackeeper good

  • Advanced Security Features. – Excellent virus protection, Anti-theft, and computer tracking (if your Mac does get stolen or lost).
  • System cleaning. Optimize your system with MacKeeper to clean out unnecessary files.
  • The shredder function. Permanently delete files you don’t want on your hard drive.
  • Faster boot-up. MacKeeper will prevent unneeded apps from opening up upon boot and get you working faster.
  • Recover files. File recovery can search your trashcan and restore files you might need. It also has a “file finder” function that can find lost files with just a few pieces of information.
  • Tracks Updates. Any applications that need updates will do so automatically. No more searching for updates.
  • Data encryption. Have things on your hard drive you don’t want to share, you can encrypt any sensitive data with MacKeeper.
  • Back-up information. You can tell MacKeeper when to run a back-up and where to put your information.
  • “Geeks on Demand.” Live phone support that can help you remotely from anywhere with any issues your Mac may be having.

Is MacKeeper Good? An Honest Review

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MacKeeper is designed to take care of all your Mac maintenance in one place. Many will state that your Mac does all of these things already, but going into each individual function is a long and tedious process. When you open the MacKeeper suite it’s all there in front of you.

The number one quality about MacKeeper is its ability to optimize and speed up your Mac. Even the process MacKeeper uses to do this for you is fast and easy. This helps save you time and keeps your Mac up-to-speed and running smooth.

MacKeeper keeps you and your Mac safe from intruders, viruses, and phishing scams. It encrypts data for you and removes any unwanted malware and Trojans that can harm your Mac or steal sensitive information. It gives you the peace of mind you need to use your Mac to store whatever information safely and securely.
If you are wondering, “Is MacKeeper good?” The answer is yes, it is a valuable program that will benefit any Mac owner in many ways. Our editorial team gives this program a “thumbs-up.”

Should I Buy MacKeeper?

Take a good look at what you use your Mac for. If you do a good amount of web surfing, writing, and/or work on the internet then you should really have a copy of MacKeeper installed. This will keep your Mac running like you need to and save you time. Your files will be safe and wait time for boot-up processing will be greatly reduced. Even if you use your Mac casually, MacKeeper will ensure a clean computer for you every time open it.

“Is MacKeeper Good?” Yes!

You can download and try MacKeeper for free or choose one of the monthly purchase options for extra features to fit your budget. You can join millions of other users that are keeping their Mac’s in excellent working condition.

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