Top 10 free apps for mac 2015

Published on: April 16, 2015

These top 10 Mac apps will surely lead to a more optimal computer experience. Do you have file-sharing problems? There’s an app for that. Are you sick of paying money every time you want to listen to a new song? There’s an app for that. Prepare yourself; you’re about to find out some incredible apps you didn’t know existed. But once you hit that free download button, you’ll discover a whole new world of more simplified multitasking and happiness!

[01] Google Chrome for Mac

google chrome app for mac

While Mac books offer the standard browser, Safari; Google Chrome comes with many more benefits that Safari does not offer. Benefits include extension add-ons that make browsing the Internet much more accessible and leisurely. Google ad-block, for example, is an easy application to Google Chrome that automatically blocks pop-up advertisements and spam that can be irritating and lead to computer viruses. Other benefits are simplified access to Gmail, Google Plus, and Google Adsense. When you can Google from the Google Chrome toolbar, browsing the Internet could not be easier and more enjoyable.

Click Here to Download Google Chrome

[02] Spotify

Spotify for mac

Introducing the most popular music-streaming app of the past three years, Spotify can solve all your $1.29 per song in iTunes problems in one simple click. With Spotify, you can listen to thousands of artists and their music in high quality for free, equal to that of iTunes. With the exception of an advertisement every once in awhile, you can use Spotify Radio, playlist browse, and Spotify recommendation playlists or even pick your own song. So if you were ever frustrated with Pandora, this is also your new solution. Tired of advertisements? Go Premium for offline download, no advertisements, and other benefits. Share your music with your Facebook friends, create your own playlists, and discover new artists with this must have app available for download now!

spotify for mac 1

Click Here to Download Spotify For Mac!

[03] Xee for Mac

xee for mac

There is no app for Mac that makes picture editing and viewing simpler. Xee allows you to make changes and view your photos in a much more simple and sophisticated way than Preview allows. Benefits of Xee also include short-cut key creation, all image formats friendly, as well as transfer of images from program to program simplification. Xee is a must have for all avid photographers who own a Mac!

xee for mac

Click Here to Download Xee for Mac!

[04] Caffeine for Mac

Caffeine for mac

No, this isn’t an app that can help you stay up at night or wake up in the morning, but it does keep your Mac book from going into sleep mode during a download or a system update. You can easily program your Mac so it’ll not fall into sleep mode for any time period. Simply disable Caffeine to return your Mac to its regular settings. This simple app is absolutely free and will improve your productivity on your Mac!

Click Here to Download Caffeine For Mac!

[05] Skype for Mac

skype for mac

Infamously known as the most popular video communication app, Skype allows you to video chat and instant message to anyone with a Skype account. You might be asking, “How is this different than Face Time, the already installed app on the Mac?” It’s simple, Skype allows you to communicate to all computer platforms and mobile devices such as windows computers, android, etc. All of this is included for free, however there is a paid version for you if you choose to access more communication variations such as conference calls (multiple video chats at once).

skype for mac

Click Here to Download Skype For Mac!

[06] FocusWriter

FocusWriter Portable

Do you ever feel distracted when working on a project for work or school? FocusWriter can solve all of your distraction problems by elimating all distracting windows on your Mac screen. All toolbars, windows, and notifications are disabled while you work diligently on your project, saving you time and money! The app even includes different writing templates and acts as a simple text editor. FocusWriter is simple to use and simple to download; all for free.


Click Here to Download FocusWriter!

[07] Evernote for Mac

Evernote for mac

Evernote is the simplest note taking app available for Mac. You can make graphs, draw notes, scan your notes and save digital copies, and organize files all in one app. You can even change the paper and pen type you use, from graph paper to white board, you can take notes any way you like for free.

evernote for mac

Click Here to Download Evernote for Mac!

[08] Garageband

Garageband for mac

You can now create music using any instrument at your very finger tips with Garageband. This free app allows you to compose music and layer instruments to create your very own songs with your own design. You can even add your own voice as vocals; become the lead singer of your own band! Then, upload your masterpiece to the Internet for all your family and friends to hear.

garageband for mac


Click Here to Download Garageband for Mac!

[09] Dropbox

dropbox for mac

Dropbox is the most successful file sharing application of 2014. If you’re not an avid Google user, and Google Docs is irrelevant to you; then this app is what you need. Dropbox always you to store files other users “drop” into your inbox. You can also share your own with a limited amount of memory given for free. Reach your limit of memory? Purchase a premium package for unlimited memory.

dropbox for mac

Click Here to Download Dropbox for Mac!

[010] Pushbullet

pushbullet for mac

Pushbullet is the simplest but perhaps the most useful app for some. This app takes notifications sent to your phone and brings them directly to your computer while in use. Perhaps you received an important work notification that only gets sent to your phone but you were busy using your computer and didn’t notice your phone vibrate. This problem can be completely avoided by downloading Pushbullet today!

Pushbullet for mac

Click Here to Download Pushbullet for Mac!

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