Cocktails Anyone: Cocktail For Mac Review

Cocktail For Mac ReviewKeeping your mac running smooth so you can be efficient with your work is important!
You can lose serious productivity time with full caches, corrupt files, and spotlight index issues. It is time consuming to have to go through and do all of this maintenance manually and that can seriously cut into work and surf time.

Cocktail for Mac is a long-time app that has been on the list of Mac cleaners for just around 10 years now. One trusted point is that over a quarter of a million people are using Cocktail for Mac, from large corporate facilities to the average Mac users.

This Cocktail for Mac review goes through the features, installation, how it compares to MacKeeper, and what the users are saying about this product.

What Is Cocktail For Mac?

The Cocktail for Mac utility was designed as a multi-purpose tool that helps you clean and repair your Mac for optimized performance. It helps you clean and repair your Mac and even schedule maintenance tasks to be done regularly. One added bonus is the program allows you to take care of hidden application and system features. This utility gives you all the maintenance tools you need through a very simple user interface. They organize the five categories so you have all your management tools right at your fingertips. The utility even has “auto-pilot” to monitor your system while you do other things.

What Does Cocktail For Mac Do? (Features)

Before we could complete the actual Cocktail for Mac review, we had to pick this utility apart and see what it was made of. We found some pretty cool features that can help maintain your Mac:


This feature monitors the status of your disks, repairs disk permissions, and enables/disables the sudden motion sensor. It also allows you to turn journaling on or off. This function is really useful and not a lot of utilities offer it.


Here you can purge any memory you aren’t using, run built-in maintenance scripts when you want to run them, optimize your RAM, and change your time machine settings. It will also help you rebuilt the database for Launch and Spotlight. Trash too full? From here you can force empty your trash and make it disappear. This utility virtually helps you maintain your system all from one window in the utility.


This part of the utility does a thorough cleanup of your temp files and caches. You can delete any corrupted files here, delete language resources you don’t need, and get rid of caches and temporary files. You can delete, delete, delete, until your Mac’s heart is content, shown by faster speeds.


This feature helps you optimize your network connections. You can adjust your settings so they remain each time you start up your Mac.


Our editors really liked this feature. You can adjust “open recent menu items, designate where you want your scroll items, tell it how crashed apps are dealt with, and tell it how to deal with saving screenshots. Oh, it does so much more. You can work with Safari preferences, email preferences, work with QuickTime X, and adjust your login preferences. All of this that you would normally have to do individually, all from one window.


From here you can schedule and set up preferences for maintenance tasks. You tell the utility what you want done and when. It is essentially “auto pilot” for your maintenance tasks so you don’t have to remember to do this important function to keep your computer running smooth.

Cocktail For Mac Installation

Cocktail For Mac -1


The utility is available for Mac OS X 10.10 or later version. You just download the utility and launch it. Don’t get nervous that the first time you run the utility, it will ask for your administrator password. Go ahead, it isn’t going to hurt anything. After you do this, your main UI is going to open up. First, it is a good idea to set up the “auto pilot” function. Go into your pilot screen and set up all your preferences for when you want maintenance tasks done.

Cocktail Review vs. MacKeeper Review

We did a side-by-side comparison review of Cocktail for Mac and MacKeeper and we can tell you these two were neck and neck, almost tying at the finish line:

Utility/Function Cocktail For Mac ($19.00) MacKeeper ($39.95)
Cleanup Tasks Included Included
Network Connections Included Not Included
Login Preferences Included Included
Schedule Maintenance Included Not Included
Update Tracker Not Included Included
Anti-Virus Not Included Included


 Cocktail For Mac User Review

Positive Reviews

“I have been a Mac user for over 25 years and have seen many utilities come and go. Some have been excellent, some not so good. Cocktail is one of the best overall utilities I have used. It does a lot, has a user friendly interface and is supported by a helpful and responsive developer. All this for an extremely reasonable price when one considers just how much one gets with Cocktail. To top this off, upgrades are provided at no charge. This is one of the best deals in town. I have been using Cocktail since version 3. It has always performed flawlessly. What more could you want…a utility that does what it advertises, does it well and without interfering with your operating system, and does it at a very reasonable price.”-K22

“One of the finest Mac apps on the planet. Cocktail has been my go to maintenance app for around a decade. It has always worked perfectly, is beautifully designed and worth every cent of its low asking price. A huge thank you to the developer for their continued support of this amazing app. PS. Ignore the brain-dead 1 and 2 star reviews.”-D

“Very good application to maintain and optimize your system…I have it for some years now, and I’m always happy with it…Get it you won’t regret it…I have put 4 stars, because it’s always possible to improve a software, but cocktail is perfect…”-F

Negative Reviews

“Very disappointed and sorry I wasted the money. Onyx is far superior, in that, it works.  I have not had any luck getting Cocktail to run in Auto mode with Mavericks.  It crash/quits every time, at the “preparing” stage.”-I

“Does not clean Firefox 3. Customer service is nonexistent. I attempted to contact them via the support option on their website FIVE time and received no response. Save your money on this one, there are many free programs which do the same (I found out after wasting money on this one).”-MD

Cocktail For Mac Expert Review

A good review should contain at least one expert Cocktail for Mac review.
Here’s what the experts are saying about Cocktail for Mac, by Vick Lennard /

“While most of Cocktail’s features already exist on the Mac, being able to access them without using a number of system tools and Terminal make Cocktail a highly useful utility. There are alternatives, some of which, like OnyX, are freely available. The unregistered version of Cocktail allows for 10 launches before timing out – that should be sufficient for you to decide whether it is right for you.”

Our Conclusion

Based on our thorough Cocktail for mac review, our editors thought this was a simple and easy to use interface to have all of your Mac OS X system functions and settings right at your fingertips. While you can reach most of these on your Mac already, users appreciate how quick and easy Cocktail makes it to reach the features. We definitely don’t think this utility is just another mac cleaner, but a system manager all-in-one.


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