CleanMyMac Review Revolutionizes Mac Cleaning Software

CleanMyMac reviewCleanMyMac has become very popular over the past several years and is continuously growing in its magnitude.
Due to the large consumer base, there have been plenty of reviews that have given insight and feedback on the functionality and practicality of this particular software.
The CleanMyMac review, given by many different satisfied customers has helped this budding business to skyrocket towards unprecedented success.

What is CleanMyMac?

CleanMyMac is a great software application that has been developed by Macpaw and was originally released in 2009.
The objective of this software is to help keep it clean, by deleting old files, caches, and temporary photos that are taking up valuable space within your Mac.
Macpaw has also released versions 2 and 3 of this software with upgrades and new features. To that end, there have also been plenty of CleanMyMac reviews that have been very telling of their product and of how great it has become over the years.

What does CleanMyMac do for my computer?

CleanMyMac is able to do a lot of things for your computer with minimal user intervention. This means that it runs automatically whenever you schedule it to, and it will go in and clean out everything that is non-essential so that your Mac can run more smoothly. It takes out all of the little bits and pieces of digital clutter which are stopping your computer from functioning at its highest level. CleanMyMac does this through an uninstaller system and an extension manager. The uninstaller system goes in and removes unwanted items throughout your Mac while the extension manager keeps an eye on your Internet browser and removes unwanted browser extensions from your system.

How to Install CleanMyMac ?

CleanMyMac 1

Installing CleanMyMac is quite simple actually, as it can be downloaded for free through the official macpaw website. Once you have completed this step, you will be guided through the installation process where you will select your language of choice, review the user agreement, and finally give this marvelous application a home on your beloved Mac. This free installation is only the first step, as it won’t be able to actually clean your Mac without your purchase of the full version available.

You can choose to purchase this software application for one or multiple computers at varying costs, which range from 39.95 all the way to 89.95 based on the number of Macs that you want to cover. Depending on how much you truly use and store information on your Mac, it is definitely worth the investment.

Features that CleanMyMac Provides

There are various features and extensions that CleanMyMac provides for your computer. The way that it works is by showing the user all of the different aspects of the computer that can or need to be cleaned and then the user simply selects what time frame they want for each cleaning to take place. It works very much like an anti-virus system by scanning your whole computer and then tabulating the results. It also stores information from previous scans for you to review should you need this information.

CleanMyMac offers a great safety feature by having strong algorithms in place to protect your personal information. It also offers other functions such as deleting extra language information that you may not be using, trimming down on the amount of space that your photos take up by deleting copies that your computer stores without you ever seeing them, and bringing your mail down to size through eliminating unnecessary locally stored information.

What is the difference between the newer CleanMyMac 3 versus the previous versions?

There have been many versions of the CleanMyMac software application, including the original, CleanMyMac 2, and now the newest version, CleanMyMac3.

There was much learned from the original that could be improved upon and upgraded, and the later versions reflect these changes.

When speaking directly to CleanMyMac3, the differences between it and prior versions are really down to functionality and ease of use.

By making the software more streamlined and offering a great way to clean your Mac through just the click of one button, the application is able to go in and bring your Mac back to life.

The newer version offers more extensions for purchase than previous versions, which can outfit your Mac with more tools to help keep your whole computer running as smoothly as possible.

Finally, the newer version also provides a facelift in the overall design and feel of the application, by becoming more user friendly and visually appealing to the people that use this great software.

Comparison between MacKeeper and CleanMyMac Features

There has been much discussion and comparison between the CleanMyMac software application and one of its popular counterparts, MacKeeper.
Here is an informative table of all of the different features that each of these applications provides:

Features CleanMyMac                                             MacKeeper
One-Button Cleaning Yes Yes
Strong Safety Algorithms Yes Yes
Effective Photo Cleaning Yes No
Offers Mail Extension Yes No
Allows User Selection of Files for Deletion Yes Yes
Removes all of the hidden digital garbage on your Mac Yes Yes
Improves speed and functionality of your Mac Yes Yes
Deletes old system updates and copies of IOS Apps from your Itunes Yes Yes


As can be examined in the comparison between both of these Mac cleaner softwares, CleanMyMac and MacKeeper are both dedicated to empowering their users in order to easily and quickly clean out their Macs. They also allow for very convenient access to all of the information you could possibly want about your computer without slowing it down or obstructing your everyday actions in any way.

Best CleanMyMac Reviews

CleanMyMac has received plenty of wonderful reviews over the years, and they seemingly increase with each new edition. Here are the 6 best CleanMyMac reviews from Customers and Experts who thoroughly enjoyed the great service that this software provided for them:

“CNET gave this phenomenal software 4 out of 5 stars and stated the following: “CleanMyMac does a good job of cleaning out files you don’t need and freeing up space on your hard drive.” CNET 

”it helps you find more space for the things you love, so you don’t have to put your new photos or videos on an external hard drive. Once you install the app, it scans your hard drive and a few seconds later it will give you a summary of everything you can toss in the trash. We took it for a test run and found it very easy to use, and it had a nice interface.” CultOfMac

“An amazon user, Graham gave this product 5 stars, stating: “Installed and immediately did a clean – the utility was able to find me nearly 7Gb of memory by stripping out clutter from 2 years of use on my iMac (…).” Graham Smith 

“Another amazon reviewer, Hubbard also gave the software 5 stars and stated: “Being fairly new to Mac, a friend suggested this program for freeing up a lot of space on the hard drive by removing unwanted and unused files from your system. It does exactly what it claimed, and on my first run, the program removed over 4GB of clutter.”Hubbard 

“This particular user gave the product five stars and stated: “Best Mac system cleaning software I ever used. It’s got a great user friendly interface, and I cleaned about 100GB off a 750GB drive of files which were clogging the system.” Carlofornia 

“Our last review comes from another highly satisfied amazon customer, who said: “…it takes various automation steps and can simplify them into a single step with an excellent user interface. It also offers a few features that are far more convenient than what OS X can natively offer.” ZapNZs 

Ways that a Great CleanMyMac Review Can Affect Consumers

For people who may not have much familiarity with the macpaw developer or who may not be all that trusting of the CleanMyMac application, they can easily turn to hundreds of consumer reviews for the inside information and feedback that they are seeking.

With the added insight of these reviews along with the great features and affordable prices that macpaw offers for its fantastic software, they are encouraged and given that sense of security, knowing that other real people just like them are benefitting from this outstanding product in their everyday lives.

Having even just one great CleanMyMac review can be the key to unlocking untapped potential when it comes to consumers in the computer world today.
With so many of us constantly uploading and downloading photos, files, and multiple types of information on a daily basis, it’s amazing how fast we can clutter up our beloved Macs with junk without even realizing it. By using this great software, we are able to enjoy our Macs at their fullest potential.

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