CCleaner For Mac Review: The Best and The Worst

ccleaner for mac reviewCCleaner for mac has been around the block a few times even though it is still pretty new. The utility is an easy to use Mac cleaner that helps to clean up your Mac and improve speed and performance. It removes any files that slow down your Mac and clears your browsing history. Clearing browsing history keeps you anonymous on the web, stepping up security. It basically gives you the best cleaner features for Mac in a small and compact program. This CCleaner for Mac Review gives you the best attributes and unappealing features that some Mac users have mentioned.

What is CCleaner For Mac?

CCleaner for Mac is a utility to keep your laptop running efficiently. It discards old files that build up like; temporary files, temporary internet files, a long list of browsing history and broken system permissions.

In addition, it can do some file cleaning from your hard disk and uninstall software you don’t need anymore. If you tend to have a slow start-up, you can ask it to turn off background programs that you don’t need loaded when you first turn on your computer.

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What Does CCleaner For Mac Do?

The CCleaner for Mac utility cleans and optimizes your Mac. You open the utility and all the cleaning choices for OS X are right there. You will see the option to clean your Safari internet history, cookies, and cache. You can erase your download history, empty out your log files, throw away trash files. These all have selection boxes that will all be selected. If you don’t want to get rid of something then you just uncheck an item.

After you choose, you just hit the Analyze button and the cleaner will give you all the files that could possibly be deleted and the amount of disk space you are clearing up. It works on tabs and there are tabs for each feature.

On the Applications tab you can clean out each browser like; Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can check off applications you use on a regular basis like; Microsoft Office, iTunes, and iMovie.  Check off the boxes you want to clean and hit Analyze. You will then be prompted to keep or delete any files the utility finds to free up disk space.

CCleaner for Mac gives you some easy access to your system utilities that the app can run for you. There is an Uninstaller tab that can take care and get rid of apps you don’t want anymore. It can also access Repair Permissions. There is also Erase Free Space, where you can overwrite empty disk space by performing either a 7 or 35 pass wipe on your hard drive.

What about cookies? Well, you can pull up any cookies that were set and actually choose which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. Cookies for your FaceBook browser would be really good to keep around, while others can be disposed of.

Installation Process For CCleaner For Mac

ccleaner for mac - 2

You can find CCleaner for Mac at the website of the developer, Piriform. It is freeware and a pretty small program that is less than 3MB. It is available for Mac OS X version 10.5 to 10.7. Just click on the download and drag the icon into your Applications folder.

CCleaner For Mac Review: The Best Parts

Having all the clean-up options in one place is a plus! The utility literally does all the sorting and thinking for you. It is really quick and easy to run.

After you Analyze, everything is organized by category. You just uncheck boxes of what you want to keep and the utility removes the rest. Gone. Bye. It’s that quick. The Uninstall function is just as easy. When you analyze, it finds all the potential programs you really don’t need. Then you just check your boxes, hit a button and the ones you want uninstalled are gone!

CCleaner For Mac Review: The Worst Parts

There seems to be a performance issue in the area of the “Erase Free Space” function. It was reported the wiping process can take hours of your time.

While the cleaner gives you a choice on which files to remove for browsing and cookies, it does not give you a choice for Applications files. This means when you choose to clean your iTunes or iMovie apps the utility only tells you how much disk space it will free up. There is no indication as to which files are being removed.

The Showdown: CCleaner For Mac vs. MacKeeper

In looking at information between a MacKeeper review and a CCleaner review, here is a comparison chart to help you see any differences:

Function CCleaner For Mac ($29.99) MacKeeper ($38.95 per year)
Login Items Included Included
Quick Clean-up Included Included
Duplicate File Removal Included Included
Uninstaller Included Included
Default Apps Included Included
Update Tracking No Included
Anti-Virus/Anti-Theft No Included
Tech Support No Included


What The Users Are Saying About CCleaner For Mac

A good CCleaner for Mac review tells you about the product from real-life users. Here are a few good and negative reviews to help you decide. Here is what people are saying:

Positive Reviews

“It’s great to see CCleaner supporting macs, Um using beta 6 and its very stable, I use cleaner in windows and I can see the mac version getting better and better.” – G

“Working great for me, load time seems a tad slow until the window appears. But the cleaning part is fast enough.  Best feature that it has is the one I could never replicate with another program; the ability to whitelist some cookies and clean the rest.  For those that used CCleaner on Windows you’ll find the familiar interface and settings that apply to that Mac, obviously some items are not needed from the Windows version. Price is right and for an early version its feature set is solid, though I can seem room for growth too.”–YG 

Negative Reviews

“First, it’s free, so can’t complain about the price.   It’s very easy to use with intuitive interface and lots of options (like secure clean versus just normal delete of files).  The only minor complaint is when doing a secure delete (and I’m only talking 1-pass, not 7), it took a very long time to complete and it was only erasing 1.2GB of files.  Other than that, it seems like a great product.  I especially like that I was able to select unneeded language files and delete them from the system (saved about 50MB of space)” –BF


 “I’ve used and recommended CCleaner on Windows since it was first released. I was excited to see that it is now available for Mac. Unfortunately, the Mac version is very, very slow and makes my MacBook Pro run as hot as an oven.” – A7

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Expert Reviews

“Want to clean and optimize your PC? You’ve probably heard of CCleaner, arguably the world’s most popular tool for doing the job. It clears out temporary files, cleans the Windows Registry, and erases browser histories, and so on.” –PC World 

 “CCleaner has long been a favorite app of our readers, and its developers continue adding improvements to the already great program.” –The Download Squad


One thing this CCleaner for Mac review shows us, is that all around this product isn’t too bad. With a quick and easy install and useful tools, the CCleaner for Mac can make using your Mac easier. With only a few downsides, our editorial team was pretty impressed with what it does.


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