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Buying a computer often times brings a whole new set of tasks at keeping it running and clean and safe of any viruses. Owning a Mac computer does not mean you cannot have some of the same protection that is offered to a PC.

If you are unsure whether or not to buy MacKeeper for you new or old Mac computer (MacBook, iMac, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, etc ), there is no doubt that it would be the smart thing to do. Unsure of whether to pay the price for such an investment? Don’t be. It is well worth every penny that you will pay in order to keep your Mac clean.

What is MacKeeper?

This helpful software that was created in 2009 is a multipurpose program that has literally taken pieces from malware and virus removal programs and next-generation identity protection in order to ensure that you keep your computer is clean, all while not bogging down the speed of your Mac in the process.

What features does MacKeeper offer?

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One of the main features that you will get when you buy MacKeeper is a fast clean-up of your system and files.
There is a scanner for many utilities on your Mac (binaries, log, language, and cache), and the MacKeeper will scan through and find just how much junk is bogging down the system which can later be removed.

Another feature is the duplicate finder which will pick through all of the files on the computer and see if there are any doubles of any files you have. If so, you can delete them.

With  the feature of cleaning, MacKeeper can easily find files you may need just by a simple filter, it can find out how much disk usage is being taken up with each app or program on your computer, and it can uninstall apps that you have on your Mac that you may not be using or forgot you had. This will help to lighten the load on your system and help it run faster.

Leander Kahney from Cult of Mac said that 

“none of the professional reviewers complain of slowed-down machines or deleted data”

The shredder features allows you to permanently delete files without being able to recover them through the recovery apps that would normally allow you to do so. This comes in handy if you are selling your computer to someone else. This keeps them from getting any of the files that are ghosting around your hard drive.

MacKeeper also provides the security for your computer against viruses and Trojans.
Even though Macs have little history with actually being infected by a computer virus, it is always on the safe side to have a little protection against the possibility.

It also provides you with an anti-theft technology that you can use if your Mac is ever stolen. With a kromtech account, you can simply log in, click on the ‘anti-theft’ tab, report your computer stolen, and as soon as the thief uses your computer, the software is able to take a picture of said person, and send it to you so you can go to the police to file a report. Not many other programs allow for that kind of security which is why it would be worth it to buy MacKeeper.

Why is it necessary to use MacKeeper?

Using your computer daily can build up a lot of unwanted junk in terms of downloads, files, music, and more.
This will slowly accumulate and start to cause your Mac to run slower and less efficiently.
If you buy MacKeeper, the program will help to clean out all that unwanted garbage and get your computer running like the day you first took it out of the box.

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How much does it cost to buy MacKeeper?

You have three different options to choose from: Lite, Standard, and Premium.

  • The Lite package costs $39.95 a year and offers just the basic things
  • The Standard package is $59.95 a year. If you want some more perks, but not all of them.
  • The Premium package includes the 24/7 customer service and a personal technical geek, and costs $89.95 a year.

What makes MacKeeper so special?

MacKeeper is not just your everyday cleaner for the system of your Mac. This system has won of over 100 gold 5 Star Awards from top tech companies such as Tucows, Softonic and Brothersoft. Not every maintenance program can say the same thing. This reason alone should convince you to buy MacKeeper over the other Mac cleanup programs that boast they will do the same thing. Macworld magazine calls it a gem, saying, “MacKeeper offers a compelling set of tools at a very reasonable price”.

Go for it!

What else are you waiting for? If you are a Mac owner and are in need of some virtual cleanup for your computer system, then don’t delay any longer. Buy MacKeeper to keep your Mac running like new, even after years of use. If you are still unsure, check out the official MacKeeper website to help further convince you to just go for it!

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